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Skyline of buildings along Central Park in New York City.

About Ospina Medical

There was a need for better medical care for those with chronic conditions in New York City. Our founders, Dr. Matthew Kohler and Dr. Rajivan Maniam, both recognized that patients were receiving substandard care at many facilities and yearning for more options to improve their quality of life. Ospina Medical is focused on delivering exceptional treatments for medical conditions that cause chronic pain or limit mobility. More importantly, we care about the individual with the medical condition and create individualized treatment plans based on the needs and concerns of each patient.

There are many medical clinics throughout New York City with thousands of doctors treating millions of patients. Yet, many clinics are using outdated methods and poor standards of care for patients. Ospina Medical is different. We are utilizing innovative technology and treatment modalities to give patients a higher level of care. We use functional medicine and interventional orthopedic treatments to relieve chronic pain and improve functionality. We also focus on offering quicker appointments, shorter wait times and personalized patient care to improve the overall experience.

A New Approach to Pain Management

The opioid crisis of addiction and death from overused narcotics has paved the way for a new approach to pain management. Our clinic focuses on innovative treatment options to manage or stop pain while increasing mobility with limited or no opioid use. This philosophy benefits our patients and gives them treatment options based on the latest medical methodologies for improved health. To learn more about us and our background, visit the following pages:

If you have been frustrated with your treatment at other clinics or want to explore the most advanced options in chronic pain management, come see us at Ospina Medical. We offer a revitalized approach to patient care and medical treatments at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.