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Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain New York, NY


Medical Marijuana for Chronic Pain

bottle of cannabis oil

At Ospina Medical, our goal is to provide treatment options that put your health and wellness above all else. For patients with chronic pain, one therapeutic option that we have found to be a particularly beneficial and safe alternative to opioid medications is Medical Marijuana. In New York State, Medical Marijuana is approved for the…

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Innovative Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine New York, NY

Athletes are known for driving their bodies past the point of wanting to stop. Athletes know that in order to achieve a performance goal, they must go the extra distance and push themselves harder than before. While this drive to become better can achieve the wanted results, it can also strain the body toward injury.…

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Effective Treatment for Chronic Head Pain

When your head hurts, your whole body suffers. The head may not be centered on the body, but it is the central operating unit of the entire body. Your head encompasses your brain, your facial structure, your jaw, your brain stem, and your neck. All of these are complex features, and when one or more…

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Arthritis Treatment

Woman feels joint pain in fingers.

Arthritis affects millions of Americans each year, and it is the cause of limited daily activities in nearly 44% of patients diagnosed with this condition. Arthritis is often a complicated ailment to treat because to treat it successfully; the root causes of the condition must be found. It is unfortunate, but many physicians simply want…

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Treat Migraines with Botox®

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Migraine headaches are specific and severe headaches that can have debilitating effects on your life. While almost every single person on the planet will experience occasional headaches for various reasons, migraine headaches are characterized by localized pain that persists severely and affects the ability to function normally. There are known “triggers” for migraine headaches, but…

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Treatment for Tennis Elbow

Sports woman playing on tennis court.

While the term “tennis elbow” got its name because tennis players frequently suffer from a common injury, tennis elbow does not only affect those who play the sport. Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is a relatively common issue that causes pain to radiate up and down the forearm. This pain can have negative effects on…

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Interventional Orthopedics to Treat Arthritis

Portrait of young man with muscular body taking a break after workout outdoors.

When it comes to all of the technology worldwide, nothing designed by man is as incredibly complex as the human body. Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the human body is its ability to heal itself in many different ways. While a fall off your bike or running into the kitchen counter as a child…

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