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Senior man suffering from back pain.

Cervical Spondylosis

Aging causes changes to the spine that are not preventable. Cervical spondylosis is a combination of deterioration in the spine that most elderly people will experience. While not everyone will have symptoms or pain caused by spondylosis, or deterioration of the spine, it is common. Cervical spondylosis can result in neck pain and radiating pain in the shoulder, head, arm and hands. We offer interventional and functional medicine treatments for cervical spondylosis and osteoarthritis at our clinic in UES Manhattan.

Cervical spondylosis can include a variety of degenerative issues in the neck. Spinal discs deteriorate with aging, flattening and bulging. This results in less protection for the vertebrae and nerves during movement. Bone spurs can appear on vertebrae as the body tries to repair the damage caused by deteriorating discs. This, combined with spinal osteoarthritis and inflammation, reduces the space reserved for the nerves, resulting in pain and pinched nerve symptoms.

Treatments for Cervical Spine Deterioration

There are many different factors to consider when exploring cervical spondylosis treatment. Each patient may have different symptoms and varying degrees of deterioration. We utilize advanced imaging options for diagnosis and offer both pain management strategies and interventional orthopedics to slow the aging process. While there is not a cure for cervical spondylosis, we do offer treatments that can improve pain and neck function and manage the deterioration level.

Medical treatments are continually evolving to improve the options available for treating degenerative diseases, like spinal osteoarthritis or spondylosis. Our medical team at Ospina Medical uses the latest innovations in medical treatments to give patients improved wellness and pain relief. Contact our clinic in NYC to schedule a consultation if you are suffering from cervical spondylosis or osteoarthritis pain. We have treatments available that can relieve aging-related neck pain.