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Treatment for Chronic Pain Conditions

Chronic pain comes in many forms. Some pain is subsequent to an injury, accident or medical procedure. Whereas, other pain may arise from a degenerative disease or illness. At Ospina Medical, we understand that every patient is unique and may need an individualized strategy for managing chronic pain conditions. Our team of interventional pain specialists utilize advanced treatment modalities that offer long-term pain relief and improved function capacities for patients suffering from chronic pain conditions.

Masking pain with narcotics does not offer long-term relief or enhance quality of life. Our approach at Ospina Medical in Manhattan, NY, is based on using the latest innovations in proven medical treatments to manage pain and increase mobility. We use opioid-sparing treatments, focusing on treating the source of pain and functional issues, not masking them with medications. We offer functional medicine and interventional pain treatments that can give our patients long-term pain management and an improved quality of life.

Advanced Options in Pain Management

Medical treatment options are constantly evolving and improving, especially in the field of pain management. Our physicians are constantly updating methods for treating chronic pain conditions. Whether you suffer from arthritis or are recovering from a serious orthopedic injury, we offer advanced options for pain management and functional restoration. Some of the conditions we treat at our NYC pain management clinic include:

If you suffer from a chronic pain condition and want to explore the latest treatment options available, come see us at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan. We can formulate a personalized treatment plan to offer relief for your painful condition.