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Senior man suffering from back pain.

Degenerative Disc Disease

The spinal discs provide needed stability and support for the spine. Acting as shock absorbers between the vertebrae, spinal discs require flexibility and cushioning properties to work effectively. Aging factors can result in brittle and flattened spinal discs that are prone to bulging, herniation and slipping. Degenerative disc disease describes the wear, tear and aging changes that can occur in spinal discs, even for those in their mid-life years. When degenerative disc disease causes pain, spine instability or mobility issues, Ospina Medical in NYC offers treatment options for relief.

The spinal discs can experience deterioration from injury or wear prematurely, causing the spinal discs to slip or rupture. While not everyone with degenerative disc disease experiences pain or mobility issues, when the spinal discs no longer function correctly, it can cause back or neck problems. Degenerative disc disease most commonly occurs in the cervical or lumbar spine, which creates neck or lower back pain or dysfunction.

Treatment for Spinal Disc Damage

When degenerative disc disease causes ruptured, bulging or slipped spinal discs in the neck or back, chronic pain and spine instability can result. Managing pain and stimulating healing can be accomplished with non-invasive treatments in most cases. Our interventional and functional medicine options at Ospina Medical can be used to treat degenerative disc disease, relieving pain and providing spine stability. We offer injection therapy, including anti-inflammatory medication injections and interventional orthopedics to help those suffering from spinal disc deterioration.

Spinal disc problems can be controlled with the right treatment plan. If you have chronic neck or back pain caused by degenerative disc disease, schedule a consultation with our pain specialists at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan. We can create a treatment plan to manage pain and improve function to maximize your mobility.