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Sports woman playing on tennis court.

Elbow Pain Treatment

You may not realize how much you use your elbows until you have an injury or pain in this essential joint. The elbow is a complex collaboration of tendons, ligaments, bones and nerves that can be susceptible to injury or degenerative issues. When your elbow is in pain, lifting, driving and performing many daily activities can be difficult. Our medical team at Ospina Medical offers advanced options for elbow pain treatment at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

Elbow pain is often due to inflammation in the joint. This can be caused by a degenerative disease, like arthritis, but it is more often due to injury. Both impact injuries and repetitive use can cause inflammation from tendon and ligament damage. The bursa in the elbow can become inflamed from injury, causing pain with movement. Any inflammation or damage to the elbow may impact the nerve tunnels, creating nerve pain and dysfunction.

Restoring Elbow Function

To improve elbow function, effective pain treatment is needed. Many types of elbow injuries and conditions can benefit from anti-inflammatory injections that minimize pain and pressure. Our pain specialists at Ospina Medical can determine the source of elbow pain and weakness, recommending the best combination of treatments to restore elbow function and manage pain.

Elbow pain should not be ignored. Issues within the elbow can lead to nerve pressure that may affect the wrist, hand and fingers, resulting in additional pain and dexterity issues. If you have ongoing elbow pain, contact our team at Ospina Medical in New York City to schedule an appointment with one of our exceptional pain specialists. We can diagnose the source of your pain and recommend the appropriate elbow pain treatment to give you relief and improve function.