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Sports woman playing on tennis court.

Epicondylar Injections

Strain on the tendons and muscles on the outside of the elbow can result in pain and limited motion. This condition is referred to as tennis elbow and is often caused by the repetitive motions used when playing tennis and other sports or activities. This pain condition can limit elbow function, impacting lifting and other arm movements. Epicondylar injections are offered as interventional pain management for tennis elbow, and these treatments are available at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan.

The lateral epicondyle is the bony point on the outside of your elbow which contains bone, tendons and muscle. When you repetitively bend and straighten the elbow as you would playing tennis, it can become inflamed, causing tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis. This inflammation can also occur when you constantly lean on your elbow, common in drivers or those who work at a desk. The pain on the outside of the elbow usually will subside with rest and OTC anti-inflammatory medications. When the pain remains, medical treatment may be needed to shrink inflammation and give you relief.

Relief for Tennis Elbow

An epicondylar injection can be used as a direct treatment to give you relief from tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis. Our pain physicians use advanced imaging to find the precise position to inject a local anesthetic and steroid into the lateral epicondylar area. The local anesthetic will numb the area and usually will provide temporary pain relief. Over the next 2-3 days, the steroid will relieve inflammation in the elbow, reducing pain and improving arm function.

If you suffer from severe tennis elbow and want to find a non-opioid option for pain relief, visit our interventional pain physicians at Ospina Medical. We offer effective pain treatment options that resolve the source of pain for improved pain management without narcotics. Contact our clinic in New York City to schedule your appointment.