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Facet Joint Injections New York, NY

Facet Joint Injections

All joints in the body can be susceptible to degenerative disease and inflammation, also called arthritis. The facet joints in the spine are crucial components that allow the spine to move and bend, but these joints can be impacted by wear, tear and inflammation. Neck and back pain are often a result of nerve pressure in the spine, which can be caused by facet joint inflammation. At Ospina Medical, we offer facet joint injections as interventional pain management and diagnostic tool at our clinic in New York City.

Osteoarthritis and other spinal issues can cause neck and back pain. Unfortunately, many different spine conditions can cause similar pain. Imaging from MRIs, x-rays and other diagnostic tools only reveal possible spinal conditions. To determine the exact source of pain, interventional pain treatments can be useful. Facet joint injections help relieve neck or back pain, and they can also pinpoint the source of inflammation, helping with the diagnosis of spinal conditions.

Relief for Neck and Back Pain

Our pain specialists at Ospina Medical utilize a wide variety of treatment options to offer chronic neck and back pain relief. Facet joint injections are used when we believe the source of pain resides inside the spinal joints. We use advanced imaging to guide the placement of the injections to the targeted facet joints. A local anesthetic will numb the area, and a steroid is used to treat the inflammation. After a few days, the steroid will begin to relieve inflammation at the point of injection. This can relieve pain and may be useful in determining the best treatment plan for long-term pain management options.

If you suffer from chronic neck or back pain, you need a pain management team that will help uncover the source of your pain. Facet joint injections could offer you relief and be useful in diagnosing the underlying condition. Contact our medical team at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan to obtain treatment and relief for your back or neck pain.