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Closeup view of young woman having pain in back.

Facet Syndrome

The facet joints in the spine connect the vertebrae and allow the spine to move. Like other joints in the body, facet joints have cartilage to cushion the spinal bones during movement. Degenerative disease, wear/tear and injury can cause inflammation in the facet joints, resulting in neck, back and radiating nerve pain. Facet joint osteoarthritis or facet syndrome can be painful, limiting the mobility of the spine. If you suffer from facet syndrome, our pain specialists at Ospina Medical can offer treatment to manage pain at our clinic in New York City.

Facet syndrome or spinal joint osteoarthritis often creates general pain in the neck and back. When the facet joint cartilage is worn or inflammation is present, the spine can be stiff and painful. The inflammation may press on nerves that exit from the facet joints, causing localized or radiating pain. The symptoms can be similar to other spinal conditions, including degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, herniated discs and sciatica. An accurate diagnosis will ensure the right treatment is used to offer relief from facet syndrome pain and mobility issues.

Treatment for Spinal Osteoarthritis

Facet syndrome, or spinal osteoarthritis, does not have a cure, but the progression can be slowed down, and symptoms can be treated. To relieve facet syndrome pain and symptoms, advanced options in interventional and functional medicine are available at Ospina Medical. We offer anti-inflammatory facet joint injections and spinal cord stimulation for pain relief, as well as interventional orthopedics for some types of degenerative conditions. Our clinic offers advanced treatment to slow deterioration of the facet joints, reducing pain and improving spinal mobility.

If you have back, neck or sciatica pain that may be caused by facet syndrome, come visit us at Ospina Medical. We have a clinic in Midtown Manhattan that offers facet syndrome treatments to give you relief. Contact our office to schedule an exam and consultation to learn more about our pain management options for spinal conditions.