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Stressed, mature woman with hand on head looking down.

Facial Pain

When you have facial pain, simply smiling, talking or eating can be difficult. There are many different conditions that can cause facial pain, from TMJ/TMD to complex nerve disorders. Finding the source of facial or orofacial pain is the first step in determining the right treatment options to give you relief. Our diagnostic and pain treatment specialists at Ospina Medical in Manhattan are dedicated to identifying the cause of your facial pain and creating a personalized treatment plan to get control of or stop the pain.

Many patients with facial pain may be frustrated by the lack of empathy by some physicians. Nerve pain can be difficult to diagnose, and patients can be left with few options to find relief. There are seven major cranial nerves, as well as sympathetic nerves that can be involved with facial pain. Other causes of facial pain involve tendons, muscles, joints and other components. Our medical team at Ospina Medical takes the time and uses our advanced medical technology to uncover possible causes of facial pain and offer treatment options for relief.

Treating Chronic Orofacial Pain

To determine the best treatment for orofacial pain, our interventional pain specialists will perform comprehensive diagnostic procedures to find the source or cause of your pain. Some facial pain arises from the jaw joint or health conditions impacting the eyes, nose or ears. Other facial pain may be due to nerve compression or irritation. We explore all the different possibilities to determine the right treatment path to give you relief from your pain.

You do not need to accept inadequate treatment for your facial pain. At Ospina Medical, we will spend the time and effort to diagnose and treat your condition. Our team will help find a solution to offer relief. Contact us online, or call us at our clinic in New York City to schedule a consultation and exam to begin treatment for facial pain.