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Closeup view of young woman having pain in back.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome (FBSS)

Back surgery is usually the last option to relieve chronic neck or back pain. When conservative treatments do not effectively control pain, surgery may be the only option left to offer a lasting solution. Unfortunately, surgery does not always achieve the desired results. Failed back surgery syndrome, or FBSS, is when a patient still has pain after their surgery, limiting their treatment options. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical can offer relief from FBSS at our clinic in New York City.

Failed back surgery syndrome can occur for a few different reasons. The condition treated may not have been the only source of pain. Even though one problem may be resolved, there are others that still exist. In some cases, the surgery itself causes nerve damage or other issues that create new or ongoing pain. Whatever the case, those with FBSS are put in a frustrating situation. Undergoing more surgery may not be desirable, especially when the results may not be worth the risk.

Pain Management for FBSS

When surgery is no longer an option, alternative pain management treatments are the best solution for those with FBSS. Our medical team at Ospina Medical offers innovative treatments to control pain and give our patients relief. We use minimally or non-invasive treatments to manage pain, including injection therapy, spinal cord stimulation and interventional orthopedics. Every patient receives personalized care and treatment plans, utilizing the most advanced methods for relieving pain and improving function.

If you have been through back surgery and still suffer from chronic pain, contact our team at Ospina Medical. We offer advanced treatment options for spinal conditions and pain management at our clinic in midtown Manhattan. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our pain specialists to learn more about our treatment options.