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Women exercising at yoga class. Virabhadrasana pose.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment

The shoulder joint has extensive movement capacity, rotating 360 degrees. To allow this amount of movement, many tendons, ligaments and bands of tissue are involved within the shoulder joint and capsule. When these bands of tissue become stiff or tight, the shoulder can no longer move as intended, causing pain and limiting mobility. This condition is called frozen shoulder, a frustrating shoulder issue that can require extensive treatment for recovery. Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan offers frozen shoulder treatment to lessen pain and restore shoulder and arm movement for our patients.

Causes and Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder

The cause of frozen shoulder is not always known. Those who are middle-aged or older are more prone to frozen shoulder and certain health conditions can put you at higher risk. Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, cardiovascular problems and hyperthyroidism can all impact risk for frozen shoulder. Patients may experience worsening pain and limitation on shoulder movement. Frozen shoulder can also be caused when the shoulder joint is immobilized after an arm or hand injury, causing the shoulder tissues to tighten, stiffen and become less mobile.

Frozen shoulder can limit how you can use your arm, usually on only one side. It can be painful to lift or rotate the arm, limiting mobility, and lifting the arm or hand above shoulder level can be difficult or very painful.

Frozen shoulder usually occurs over time, and it also requires time to recover. At Ospina Medical, we offer frozen shoulder treatment plans to address the tightened bands in the shoulder and strengthening the shoulder tendons, ligaments and muscles to regain mobility. Treatment can include exercises and injection therapy to relieve inflammation and improve healing.

If you have limited shoulder mobility or pain when attempting shoulder movement, you may have frozen shoulder. Contact us at Ospina Medical in New York City to schedule an exam and consultation.