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Functional Medicine

The way health and disease are treated by medical professionals is changing. The traditional Western medicine that compartmentalizes diseases and illness into medical specialties is changing. Functional medicine is a new approach to wellness, addressing the source of dysfunction and patients as a whole. It combines the latest innovations for treating disease and the symptoms with overall wellness and preventive medicine. Our medical team at Ospina Medical in NYC utilizes functional medicine as part of our philosophy of patient-centered care.

Focusing on only symptoms or one disease can be counter-productive in achieving wellness. Functional medicine focuses on finding the source of illness and pain then utilizing treatments to relieve symptoms and improve overall wellness. This approach includes a partnership between the patient and our physicians and medical team to find the best treatment plan for each person and situation, not just their symptoms or illness. This method is especially beneficial for those with chronic conditions who need long-term solutions for optimum health.

Patient-Focused Medical Care

Functional medicine is health care for the future. Treating diseases and symptoms without considering the consequences on other bodily systems can result in a diminished quality of life. Our physicians utilize functional medicine treatments to relieve pain and improve health, focusing on the source of health issues. Our patient-focused medical care and functional medicine options include:

This patient-centric form of medical care offers hope for those with chronic pain or disease. Our functional medicine physicians consider the latest options in pain management and treatments for controlling disease, focusing on opioid-sparing methods.

If you suffer from acute or chronic pain, injuries or illness, functional medicine can offer options for improving your pain and quality of life. Ospina Medical offers functional medicine, interventional pain management and multidisciplinary treatment plans to give you pain relief and improve overall wellness. Contact the team at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan to schedule a consultation.