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Stressed, mature woman with hand on head looking down.

Headache and Orofacial Pain

Chronic headaches, migraines and facial pain can be debilitating. It can be difficult to focus on anything but the pain, impacting overall function. Head pain comes in many forms and is caused by many different types of conditions. At Ospina Medical in Manhattan, we strive to identify the source of pain and create an effective treatment plan to offer long-term relief.

The head and neck are a complex region of intertwined musculoskeletal and nervous system components. Various injuries and medical conditions can impact nerves, joints and soft tissues in the neck, head and face, resulting in chronic pain. Our methodology at Ospina Medical is to carefully consider the possible sources of pain and develop a process to treat the source of headaches and facial pain. Our patients receive a personalized treatment plan that will address their symptoms by focusing on treating the source of their condition whenever possible.

Types of Head and Facial Conditions

If you have chronic pain in the head or facial region, you need advanced treatments to find long-term relief. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical can provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment for various types of head and orofacial conditions that cause chronic pain. Our pain management clinic in NYC offers treatment for the following head and orofacial conditions:

You deserve to live a life that is free from chronic head or facial pain. Ospina Medical offers patient-centric medical care for those suffering from headaches, migraines and other types of facial pain at our clinic in New York City. Contact us through our website, or call us directly to schedule a consultation to begin your journey to chronic pain relief.