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Hip Arthritis Treatment

Jumping, walking, running, sitting and standing all impact the hip joint. The weight of the upper body and continuous leg movement put stress on the large hip joints, causing wear and tear. Like all joints, arthritis can attack the hip joints, resulting in progressive pain and mobility problems. Arthritis does not have a cure, but there are treatments to slow the progression and manage symptoms. If you suffer from hip arthritis, treatment is available at Ospina Medical at our clinic in NYC.

Symptoms and Causes of Hip Arthritis

Arthritis, most commonly osteoarthritis, occurs in the hip joints. Osteoarthritis is caused by a variety of factors, including degeneration from aging, genetics, injuries and other health issues. Arthritis is inflammation in the joints that is combined with deterioration of the cartilage, ligaments and bone. In hip arthritis, symptoms can include:

  • Localized hip pain when walking, standing or bending
  • Stiffness in the hip joint
  • Radiating pain into the legs and up into the buttocks
  • Leg mobility or range of motion is limited

Hip arthritis symptoms are progressive as the joint deteriorates. Pain becomes chronic, and mobility continues to decline. The best option is starting hip arthritis treatment when symptoms begin to manage pain and slow the progression. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical offer advanced hip arthritis treatments to relieve pain or slow joint deterioration. Injection therapy and other treatments can manage pain and improve mobility. We also offer other interventional orthopedics options that may slow arthritis deterioration.

If you have chronic hip pain caused by arthritis, come visit us at Ospina Medical. We provide innovative hip arthritis treatment at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with one of our pain physicians to discuss treatment options to give you hip pain relief and improved quality of life.