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Interventional Procedures New York, NY

Interventional Pain Management

Addressing the source of pain with effective treatments can offer relief for patients and a better quality of life. Targeting the cause of pain is what makes interventional pain management different from just masking pain with opioids and pain medication. Our interventional pain management physicians at Ospina Medical utilize advanced treatments to address chronic and acute pain at its source, blocking pain signals, and reducing or eliminating the need for dangerous pain medications. If you suffer from a pain condition, visit our clinic in New York City for cutting-edge pain treatment.

Identifying the source of pain is integral to determining the best treatment for relief. If inflammation is causing nerve pressure resulting in pain, treatments are available to relieve inflammation at its source instead of administering steroids to the entire body. Injection therapies and other targeted treatments go directly to the source of the pain for relief. Not only is this safer for the patient, it can be more effective. Interventional pain management is our specialty at Ospina Medical, giving our patients long-term relief for many different types of pain conditions.

Types of Interventional Pain Treatments

Opioid-sparing pain management is our goal. Whenever possible, we want to help our patients find treatments that can relieve their pain and improve function without the use of narcotics. Our treatments are designed to address pain issues at the source, either relieving the cause of pain or blocking pain signals. This form of treatment can protect the health of the patient and reduce the risk of medication overdoses or complications. Our interventional pain treatments include:

If you suffer from chronic pain, come see us at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan. We offer advanced interventional pain management to reduce pain and improve your quality of life. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation with one of our pain specialists.