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Chronic Joint Pain Treatment

Every joint in the body has a critical function to allow for a wide range of motions. Repetitive movements, disease, injury and other factors can cause disruption and deterioration in the joints, resulting in chronic pain and mobility issues. Arthritis and other problems can contribute to joint problems that impact your quality of life. Our experienced interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical offer chronic joint pain treatment utilizing advanced options in pain management and interventional orthopedics.

When joint pain continues for months on end, it is considered chronic. Arthritis or inflammation in the joints is a common cause of chronic joint pain. Injuries can cause acute pain that may lead to arthritis or deterioration with aging. Bursitis, cartilage loss, reduced lubrication, strained ligaments, tendon problems and other issues all can result in joint pain. Identifying the cause is essential to creating an effective chronic joint pain treatment plan.

Relief for Chronic Joint Pain

Ongoing joint pain can be frustrating. Whether it is neck or back pain from facet joint osteoarthritis or shoulder pain from rotator cuff tears, joint pain can limit your mobility and affect your ability to enjoy your life. Our pain experts at Ospina Medical use advanced diagnostic tools to determine the source of chronic joint pain to create treatment plans that are designed to give long term pain relief and improved function. Chronic joint pain treatment can include a wide variety of pain management and interventional orthopedics tools we offer at our clinic.

If you live in NYC and suffer from chronic joint pain that is impacting your quality of life, there are cutting-edge treatments that can give you relief. Contact our experienced pain management team at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan to schedule an appointment, and explore chronic joint pain treatment options.