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Joint Replacement Pain Treatment

Joint replacement surgery is performed on millions of people each year in the US. Total joint replacements, or arthroplasty (TJA), for hips, knees and other joints account for a million of these surgeries. While TJA can offer pain relief and improved mobility for many patients, they are not always successful. Many people who have had TJA or other joint replacement surgeries do not obtain the relief they desired. Ospina Medical in New York City offers joint replacement pain treatment for those suffering with discomfort from these joint procedures.

There is major concern about opioid use to manage post-operative pain in joint replacements. Opioids are usually prescribed to relieve pain during recovery after surgery, but many patients continue using these medications for months, even years, after their joint replacement procedure. When there is ongoing joint replacement pain, treatment options that reduce or eliminate opioid use should be considered to minimize health risks.

Post-Surgery Pain Relief

At Ospina Medical, we focus on offering opioid-sparing pain management for our patients. While opioids may be used for relieving pain immediately after joint replacement surgery, these drugs can pose health and fatality risks with long-term use. We utilize advanced options in pain management to address the source of the pain and replace opioid use. Our joint replacement pain treatments are customized to each patient to address their specific symptoms and offer long-term relief when possible.

Joint replacement problems can cause ongoing pain and impact mobility. If you had a knee, shoulder, hip or other joint replacement surgery and suffer from ongoing pain, contact our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical. Our clinic in Manhattan offers advanced pain management options for patients recovering from joint replacement surgery. We can help you manage pain with limited or no opioid use for long term relief.