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Kyphoplasty New York, NY


The vertebrae in the spine are susceptible to injury and degeneration. Spinal compression fractures are common, especially with aging, resulting in collapsed vertebrae in the spine. These fractured vertebrae can put pressure on spinal nerves, causing chronic pain and impacting the stability of the spine. Back surgery can be used to repair vertebral fractures, but it is invasive and comes with higher risks than non-surgical treatments. One option for repairing fractured vertebrae is kyphoplasty, performed through injection techniques. Ospina Medical offers kyphoplasty to relieve spinal pain and repair vertebrae at our clinic in New York City.

Pressure on the spine can result in compression fractures, especially in those with osteoporosis or lost bone density. Most commonly, the backside of vertebrae can collapse, creating a “wedge” shape. The thoracic and lumbar spine are the most susceptible to compression fractures, which can result in lessened height or a humped spine. The collapsed or damaged vertebrae can also put pressure on spinal nerves, causing chronic back pain. Restoring the shape of the vertebrae through kyphoplasty can alleviate pressure on nerves and improve the stability of the spine, offering improved mobility and decreased pain.

Injection Repairs for Spinal Compression Fractures

Kyphoplasty offers a non-invasive option to repair some types of vertebrae fractures. This procedure utilizes image-guided needles to access the inside of the fractured vertebra. A balloon is inserted inside the vertebra through the needle and inflated to expand the collapsed bone. Once the vertebra is expanded and the sides are elevated, a bone cement is injected into the fractures. The cement then hardens, and the balloon is removed. This procedure can relieve the pressure on nerves and restore the shape of the spine.

If you have spinal compression fractures, kyphoplasty may be an option to relieve pain and improve the strength of your spine. Contact our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan to discuss kyphoplasty and our other pain treatment options.