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Young women practicing ballet, standing by bar against mirror in dance studio.

Leg Pain Treatment

Acute or chronic leg pain can limit your mobility and affect your quality of life. While muscles and joints can cause leg pain, often the source of pain in the lower limbs is related to nerve or circulatory conditions. Identifying the source of leg pain is the first step to obtaining treatment and pain relief. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical can diagnose and treat many types of acute and chronic leg pain conditions at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

Narcotics and opioids may relieve or mask pain, but they do not address the cause of the discomfort. Leg pain can arise from spinal issues, nerve irritation, varicose veins and many other health issues. Our physicians at Ospina Medical focus on treating the source of pain, reducing or eliminating opioid use for pain relief. We utilize advanced pain management treatments that can offer long-term, effective leg pain relief without the use of dangerous and addicting pain medications.

Causes of Chronic Leg Pain

Chronic leg pain can be caused by localized conditions in the muscles, joints or nerves, or the pain could be radiating from other parts of the body. Pinched nerves or radiculopathy in the spine or pelvic region can result in pain in the legs or feet. It is even possible to have leg pain after a limb has been amputated due to the remaining nerves. Some of the causes of leg pain we treat at Ospina Medical include:

If you have ongoing leg pain and want an accurate diagnosis and treatment, visit our experienced pain specialists at Ospina Medical. We focus on patient-centric care with advanced options in pain management and interventional orthopedics at our clinic in New York City.