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Lumbar Radiculopathy/Sciatica

The lumbar spine protects the spinal cord and nerves that exit to serve the lower body and limbs. When disease or injury causes change in the spine, it can put pressure on the nerve roots that exit from the lumbar region, including the large sciatic nerves. Lumbar radiculopathy occurs when the lower spine narrows, causing pinched nerves, pain and sciatica symptoms. Our leg pain specialists at Ospina Medical offer advanced treatments for lumbar radiculopathy and sciatica at our clinic in New York City.

Causes and Symptoms of Lumbar Pinched Nerves

The space in the spine reserved for nerves can narrow due to changes in the spine. Injuries to the lower back that fracture vertebrae or herniated spinal discs can be the source of impingement of the lumbar spine nerves. Degenerative conditions are often to blame. Osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, bone spurs and other changes in the spine can limit the nerve space, causing lumbar radiculopathy.

The most common symptom of lumbar radiculopathy is lower back pain. The compressed nerves cause pain in the lower back, often chronic pain that will not dissipate without treatment. Sciatica, or pinched sciatic nerves, is also common. Sciatica can cause pain that radiates from the lower back through the buttocks and legs. It may have a burning sensation or result in numbness or weakness.

Treatments for Lumbar Radiculopathy/Sciatica

Relieving the pressure on the affected nerves in lumbar radiculopathy or sciatica can offer pain and symptom relief. At Ospina Medical, we accurately diagnose the source of compression to determine the best treatment plan for each patient. Depending on the source of spinal nerve compression, treatments could include steroid injections, nerve blocks, spinal cord stimulation or even interventional orthopedics to stimulate healing of injured or deteriorated spinal components.

If you suffer from chronic lumbar back pain or sciatica caused by a pinched or compressed nerve, visit our team at Ospina Medical. We utilize advanced treatment methods that are minimally invasive to give you pain relief and improved function. Contact our clinic in Manhattan to schedule your consultation.