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Medial Branch Blocks New York, NY

Medial Branch Blocks

Osteoarthritis, injuries and other factors can damage the facet joints in the spine, causing inflammation and pain. Neck and back pain are common when the spinal joints have inflammation due to pressure and irritation of nerves in the spine. Medial branch nerves are associated with the facet joints and often are affected by any inflammation in the area. Ospina Medical offers treatment for spinal joint pain, including medial branch blocks at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

Between the vertebrae in the spine are facet joints that allow bending and movement of the spine. Like all joints in the body, facet joints can deteriorate with wear, tear and aging. Increased friction and worn cartilage can cause inflammation or arthritis in facet joints, putting pressure on medial branch nerves. This can result in localized pain in the neck or back as the nerves send signals to the brain. Medial branch blocks can relieve inflammation and stop the facet joint pain for relief and diagnostic purposes.

Injections for Facet Joint Pain

Medial branch block injections offer two benefits: pain relief and diagnosis of spine pain. Many different conditions can result in back or neck pain, and determining the source or cause of pain can be complicated. Medial branch blocks relieve nerve pain from facet joint inflammation and identify which joints are causing local pain. Usually, one or more facet joints are injected with a local anesthetic and steroid for medial branch blocks. The anesthetic can relieve pain immediately, and the steroid will help with inflammation over the next few days and relieve pain if the correct facet joint is targeted.

If you have neck or back pain from spinal osteoarthritis or other conditions causing inflammation in your facet joints, medial branch blocks could offer relief. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical utilize advanced methods for precise injection therapy. Contact our clinic in New York City to schedule your appointment.