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Neck and Back Pain Treatment

The spine is complex and is prone to injury and degenerative disease, resulting in many chronic neck and back pain conditions. The stress put on the spine from bending, lifting and twisting throughout the years can result in a wide variety of conditions that impact the vast nerve network rooted in the spinal column. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical offer neck and back pain treatments that provide relief at our clinic in NYC.

Spinal discs, vertebrae, facet joints, nerve roots and the surrounding muscles and soft tissues in the neck and back are susceptible to injury and disease. The spinal system can be damaged from impact, osteoarthritis, wear/tear and disease. Diagnosing and treating neck and back pain can be difficult, due to the wide variety of possible issues that can cause similar symptoms. Our team uses advanced techniques to offer an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment plans for our patients suffering from neck and back pain conditions.

Treatment for Painful Spinal Conditions

Spinal conditions can result in localized neck and back pain as well as radiating nerve pain and limited mobility. Our medical treatment options address pain management and interventional medicine options to improve spinal health. Some of the spinal conditions we treat at our clinic include:

You do not need to live with chronic pain and limited mobility due to a spinal condition. Come see us at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan for neck and back pain treatment that can improve your quality of life. We offer advanced options in pain management, interventional and functional medicine with a focus on excellent patient care. Contact us today to schedule your pain consultation.