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3D illustration of nerve system.


Nerve signals are sent as pulses through the nervous system, like electricity through an electrical system. If pulses in either system are interrupted, they do not arrive at their destination. Neuromodulation is a type of interventional pain management that interrupts pain nerve signals before they get to the brain. At Ospina Medical, we offer neuromodulation pain management as an option to reduce pain for our patients at our clinic in New York City.

There have been many different techniques for pain control using neuromodulation. Both PENS and TENS devices use electrical current to interrupt pain signals sent by the nerves, but the devices are located on the outside of the skin. While these devices can be effective for some types of pain, there are more precise neuromodulation devices available that target specific nerves and can be controlled easily by the patient. We offer advanced options in neuromodulation at Ospina Medical as an alternative pain management solution.

Pain Management with Neuromodulation Therapy

Some types of chronic pain are difficult to treat. Degenerative conditions like arthritis are not curable and can cause significant pain. Spinal spondylosis, or aging of the spine, is also a common source of pain. Interrupting the pain signals from the nerves can stop the brain from identifying pain, offering relief from some chronic pain conditions. Neuromodulation therapy gives our patients options for controlling their pain without harmful opioids. Our neuromodulation therapies include:

Neuromodulation has helped many people control chronic pain and get relief from conditions, like sciatica. If you have chronic pain from a degenerative disease that is poorly controlled using other pain management methods, neuromodulation therapy may be an option. Contact us at Ospina Medical and schedule a consultation at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan. We can discuss the pain management options available and determine if you are a good candidate for neuromodulation therapy.