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Stressed, mature woman with hand on head looking down.

Occipital Nerve Blocks

The greater and lesser occipital nerves arise from the cervical spine and run up through the back of the head. The greater occipital nerve is the largest cranial nerve, running up behind the ears. When the occipital nerves are exposed to pressure, it can cause headaches, migraines and neck pain. This type of neuralgia can make it difficult to concentrate and may impact your quality of life. At Ospina Medical, we offer effective treatment for neuralgia, including occipital nerve blocks at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.

There are various conditions that can place pressure or pinch the occipital nerves. Cervical spine maladies including spinal stenosis, spondylosis, bone spurs and herniated discs. They can all impact nerve roots, including the occipital nerves. Thickened ligaments and other soft tissue inflammation in the neck area may also put pressure on these nerves. The result can be pain spreading through the neck and up the back of the head. Those with chronic headaches or migraines that are felt in this region may be suffering from neuropathy impacting the occipital nerve.

Chronic Head Pain Injections

To relieve the pressure on occipital nerves and relieve chronic head pain, an occipital nerve block could be performed. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical use advanced imaging to find the source of pressure on the nerve and will guide an injection to the precise area causing pain. A local anesthetic and steroid are used in the injection. The anesthetic will provide some immediate relief, but it will wear off in a few hours. The steroid begins to work a few days after the injection and may provide relief from occipital nerve pain for several weeks or more.

If you have severe head pain stemming from the back of the neck or chronic headaches, come see us at Ospina Medical. We can perform diagnostic exams to determine if occipital nerve pressure is causing your pain. We offer patient-focused pain management, including occipital nerve block injections. Contact our office in New York City to schedule an appointment.