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Occipital Neuralgia

Do you suffer from headaches that are localized near the back of the head? Occipital neuralgia is a type of localized acute or chronic head pain that is caused by an irritation of the lesser and greater optical nerves. Relieving the source of pressure or irritation on the affected nerves can help minimize or control occipital neuralgia headaches. Our medical team at Ospina Medical in NYC offers innovative diagnosis and treatment options for patients with occipital neuralgia and other types of severe headache pain.

The lesser and greater occipital nerves run from the top of the spine and up the back of the sides of your head. When these nerves are impacted by pressure or irritation, they can cause a spreading pain from the neck up the back of the head. This specific head pain is occipital neuralgia, and it may not dissipate easily with OTC medication. To find relief, the source of nerve interference may need to be mitigated to stop headaches and pain.

Diagnosis and Treatment for Occipital Neuralgia

The first step in creating a treatment plan for severe headaches is diagnosing the type and source. Occipital neuralgia has a unique pain pattern that can help our interventional pain physicians diagnose the source of pain and determine the best treatment option. The occipital nerves can be irritated by inflammation in the spine, neck or scalp. They may be pressured by trigger points or tension in muscles or tendons. To stop the nerve pain, the pressure or irritation must be managed.

Treatments include steroid injections to relieve inflammation or trigger point injections to release tension, causing pressure on the occipital nerves. Nerve blocks and other treatments may be recommended, depending on the patient. Each patient may respond differently, which is why we personalize every treatment plan to address the specific issues of the patient.

If you have throbbing or piercing pain localized in the back of your neck up through the head, you could be suffering from occipital neuralgia. Contact our team at Ospina Medical to schedule a consultation at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.