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3D illustration of nerve system.

Peripheral Nerve Blocks

The peripheral nervous system flows throughout the body from the spinal cord. The nerves responsible for sensation and pain send signals to the brain to indicate issues in the body. Certain conditions can cause acute or chronic peripheral nerve pain that can be crippling. Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), phantom limb pain and certain types of neuropathy are examples of peripheral nerve pain that impact areas all over the body. Ospina Medical offers peripheral nerve blocks to offer pain relief for our patients with these nerve disorders.

Not all pain signals sent from peripheral nerves indicate a current pain condition. If nerves are damaged or dysfunctional, they can send pain signals even when there is no longer a condition. Those with phantom limb pain feel sensations from a limb that is no longer there due to damaged peripheral nerves. Pain medications are poor management options for these types of nerve pain. Interventional pain management solutions, like peripheral nerve blocks, can stop the pain signals and give relief from these frustrating conditions.

Injection Therapy for Peripheral Nerve Pain

With peripheral nerve block injections, a local anesthetic and steroid are injected near the nerve bundle causing pain. The local anesthesia numbs the area for a few hours, which can give immediate relief. The steroid medication works to block the pain signals, reducing pain and discomfort over the next few days. Those with CRPS, diabetes neuropathy, shingles, phantom limb and other types of peripheral nerve pain may find relief with this non-invasive treatment option.

If you have nerve pain in your hands, arms, legs or feet, peripheral nerve blocks may be an option to give you pain relief. Contact our team at Ospina Medical to schedule a consultation with one of our interventional pain physicians. We offer nerve block injections and other innovative treatments to help manage acute and chronic pain.