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Phantom Limb Pain Treatment

Nerves do not stop sending signals to the brain, even when a finger, hand or arm has been amputated. Phantom limb pain syndrome is a chronic condition when the brain responds to pain signals from the nerves of a missing appendage. Ospina Medical in New York City has experienced interventional pain physicians that can offer effective phantom limb pain treatment for patients experiencing this frustrating condition.

Nerves alert the brain to pain, temperature, touch and other sensations. When a limb or appendage is removed, the nerve pathways are severed from the nerve endings, but not from the spinal cord or brain. In some cases, damaged nerves can send false signals to the brain of pain or other sensations relating to the missing hand, finger or arm. These sensations may begin to diminish over time, but in many cases, chronic pain continues and phantom limb pain treatment is required.

Residual Limb Pain Treatment

Controlling nerve pain is complex, especially when the nerve signals are responding to a limb that is no longer present. Residual limb pain (RLP) or phantom limb pain (PLP) treatment may be different for each patient, depending on their symptoms and nerve damage. Our pain specialists at Ospina Medical can design a treatment plan to address symptoms and manage pain, using the most advanced medications and methods available. These may include nerve blocks, nerve ablation and other neuromodulation techniques, as well as multidisciplinary options for pain management. We focus on limiting or eliminating opioid pain medications to give patients safe and effective options for managing their pain.

If you still suffer from chronic pain after losing an arm, hand, finger or other limb, Ospina Medical has effective treatment plans to give you relief. Contact us at our clinic in Manhattan to discuss phantom limb pain treatment options to improve your quality of life.