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Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment

The tendons that connect muscles to the clavicle and humerus bones in the shoulder joint create the rotator cuff. This set of tendons allows the extensive movement of the shoulder joint, especially lifting or outstretching the arm. A rotator cuff tear is a common injury that causes intense shoulder pain and limits shoulder/arm mobility. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan offer effective rotator cuff tear treatment to give patients with this condition pain relief and improved arm mobility.

Causes and Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tears

There are different factors that can contribute to torn or injured tendons in the rotator cuff. Anyone at any age can suffer a rotator cuff tear from an injury. The most common cause is falling on an outstretched arm, tearing tendons. Repetitive use can also damage the tendons and cause shoulder pain and dysfunction. Another contributing factor is aging, as tendons are susceptible to degenerative issues that weaken the tendons.

Rotator cuff tears or injuries can cause pain and limit mobility of the shoulder joint. Some common symptoms of a rotator cuff tear include:

  • Reoccurring shoulder pain, especially when lifting the arm
  • Weakness in the shoulder
  • Limited mobility in your arm
  • Pain in the shoulder when sleeping on that side
  • Crackling or grinding sounds when using the shoulder

Mild rotator cuff injuries can heal with rest, followed by strengthening exercises. Pain for mild conditions can be managed with NSAIDs and heat/cold therapy. For more serious rotator cuff tears, medical intervention may be needed to relieve shoulder pain and improve mobility. At Ospina Medical, we offer accurate diagnosis of shoulder injuries and advanced rotator cuff tear treatments, including injection therapy for pain and improved healing.

If you have suffered a rotator cuff tear or have ongoing shoulder pain, come see our medical team at Ospina Medical. We can provide effective rotator cuff tear treatment at our clinic in New York City.