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Senior man suffering from back pain.

Sacroiliac Joint Disease Treatment

The sacroiliac joints provide stability for the upper body, connecting the spine and pelvis. Every time you take a step or shift weight on your legs, your sacroiliac (SI) joints are at work. These joints only provide minimal movement, but they are necessary for absorbing shock and allowing the body to move while erect. When degenerative conditions or joint disruptions impact the SI joints, it can cause pain and limit function. These conditions may require sacroiliac joint disease treatment to relieve the pain, available at Ospina Medical in NYC.

SI joint disease can cause pain when sitting, standing or walking, with pain affecting the lower back, hips, groin and legs. Inflammation in the SI joints from degenerative sacroiliitis or SI joint disruption with too much or too little movement can contribute to sacroiliac joint disease. Treatments can include SI joint injections that reduce inflammation for pain relief. Other options may include other types of injection therapy or spinal cord stimulation to block the pain. Surgery is only recommended when other less invasive treatments are not effective.

Diagnosing SI Joint Conditions

SI joint disease and other SI joint conditions are often overlooked. The symptoms of SI joint disease, arthritis or other painful problems mimic other spinal conditions. Lumbar back issues and sciatica can have similar symptoms, with pain in the same area. To get relief, an accurate diagnosis and sacroiliac joint disease treatment is needed. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical can provide advanced diagnostic options to identify SI joint disease and begin a treatment program to offer relief.

If you have been diagnosed with SI joint disease or have symptoms that may be related to SI joint issues, contact our medical team at Ospina Medical. We offer advanced sacroiliac joint disease treatment at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.