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Sacroiliac Joint Injections (SI Joint injections) New York, NY

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint Injections

At the bottom of the spine, the sacroiliac joints connect the spine and pelvis. These joints have minimal movement but are important for balance and absorbing shock between the upper and lower body. Sacroiliac (SI) joints can deteriorate like any joint, losing cartilage and succumbing to inflammation. SI joint issues cause lower back and groin pain, as well as sciatica symptoms. If you have SI joint pain, Ospina Medical offers sacroiliac joint injections at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan as an interventional pain management option.

The SI joint is often overlooked as a source of lower back or sciatica pain. Sacroiliac joint osteoarthritis and other conditions can mimic lumbar spine conditions. Symptoms of SI joint issues include lower back, groin, hip and leg pain. If the sciatic nerve is irritated from inflammation in the SI joint, there could be burning, weakness and numbness in the buttocks and legs. Both lower spine and SI joint problems cause similar symptoms, and injection therapy can help diagnose the source of pain and give relief.

Relieving SI Joint Pain

Sacroiliac (SI) joint injections can be a tool to identify the source of lower back or sciatic pain. These injections use a local anesthetic and steroid to relieve pain and inflammation in the SI joint. Our interventional pain physicians use image-guided needles to deliver the anesthesia to numb the SI joint area. The steroid injection will relieve inflammation but may take 2-3 days or longer to take effect. If sacroiliac (SI) joint injections are effective at relieving pain, it can help diagnose the source of pain and help our physicians create a targeted treatment plan to offer long-term pain relief.

If you have been suffering from lower back pain, sciatica or groin pain, you may have SI joint problems. Contact our team at Ospina Medical in New York City to schedule an exam and consultation to discuss your pain management options.