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Shoulder, Hip and Knee Pain Treatment

Major shoulder joints can be a source of pain, limiting mobility when they are not functioning correctly. At Ospina Medical, our interventional pain specialists offer innovative shoulder, hip and knee pain treatment options. If you suffer from major joint pain and live or work in New York City, come visit to specialists at Ospina Medical.

The shoulders, hips and knees are responsible for enabling the majority of arm and leg movement. These complex joints can be susceptible to damage from injuries and degenerative disease, resulting in chronic pain, stiffness and functional issues. Ospina Medical utilizes advanced pain management and interventional orthopedic therapies that can offer sustained relief for those suffering from shoulder, hip, and knee injuries and pain.

Treatment for Major Joint Issues

Wear, tear, injuries and other types of damage to major joints can affect your quality of life. There are pain management and interventional medicine treatments that can give you relief. Our medical team at Ospina Medical offers shoulder, hip and knee treatments for many different joint conditions, including:

Joint issues can involve damaged cartilage, ligament injuries, arthritis, inflammation and more. Finding the right combination of treatments help to relieve pain and may slow degenerative issues for better mobility. Ospina Medical has experienced pain specialists that can accurately diagnose major joint problems and recommend an effective treatment option at our NYC clinic.

If you have been experiencing major joint dysfunction or pain, contact us at Ospina Medical. We specialize in personalized patient care for chronic pain management and interventional orthopedics for joint deterioration. Contact our clinic in Midtown Manhattan to schedule a consultation to discuss options for shoulder, hip and knee pain treatment.