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Shoulder Impingement Syndrome

There are a variety of shoulder injuries or conditions that cause shoulder pain and limited mobility. Shoulder impingement syndrome is one of these conditions, along with rotator cuff tears, frozen shoulder and bursitis. Shoulder impingement syndrome can occur with or without other shoulder conditions, causing pain and mobility issues. At Ospina Medical, we can diagnose shoulder pain conditions and offer advanced, customized shoulder impingement syndrome treatment plans at our clinic in New York City.

The shoulder joint is unique in the arrangement of muscles, tendons and bone. Most joints like the knee, elbow and hip are connecting bones with tendons, ligaments and muscles outside of the joint. The shoulder capsule has the rotator cuff inside, with muscle and tendons surrounded by the shoulder joint bones. When the rotator cuff tendons or muscles in this area are injured or strained, they can become inflamed, pressing against the clavicle or humerus bones. This can cause damage, pain and mobility problems from restricted blood flow, or shoulder impingement syndrome.

Symptoms and Treatment for Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder impingement syndrome often occurs in tandem with other shoulder problems. The symptoms are similar, including shoulder pain, limited range of motion and weakness. Shoulder impingement may also result in pain when reaching backward and up. To provide relief and improve shoulder strength and mobility, multiple conditions may need to be treated. Reducing inflammation is almost always necessary, which can be accomplished with injection therapy or medications. Our team at Ospina Medical can create a personalized treatment plan to address multiple shoulder issues, including impingement, for pain relief and improved range of motion.

If you are experiencing pain, weakness and mobility issues in your shoulder, contact us at Ospina Medical. We offer advanced diagnosis and treatment for shoulder impingement syndrome and other shoulder issues at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan.