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Athelte man running in New York City.

Sports Medicine

Improving performance as an athlete begins with healing the evitable injuries. Whether you are a weekend warrior training for your first marathon or an athlete with hopes of going pro, you need the most advanced medical care for your sports injuries. Ospina Medical has physicians that specialize in sports medicine to help you up your game and recover from injuries faster. Our clinic in Midtown Manhattan offers innovative treatment options in sports medicine and injury healing without narcotics, including injection therapy and interventional orthopedics.

Torn knee ligaments, upper ankle sprains, rotator cuff injuries and other types of sports maladies can delay reaching your potential. Ice and rest can help with minor injuries, but when you need medical treatment, you want the best option to heal fast. Plus, you want to avoid medications that can hurt your performance or disqualify you from sporting events. At Ospina Medical, we specialize in interventional orthopedics and injection therapies for pain relief and healing that minimize or eliminate the need for narcotic pain medications. We can help you recover quicker and maintain your health after a sports injury.

Cutting-Edge Injury Treatment

Top professional athletes utilize the most advanced options in sports medicine for accelerated healing. Options like interventional orthopedics, hyaluronic acid and steroid injections can offer pain relief and improved tissue repair. If you want to compete, give your body the benefits of science-based treatments for quicker sports injury recovery.

All levels of athletes deserve the best medical care for their body. If you sustain a sports injury and want to improve your healing and recovery process, contact our sports medicine team at Ospina Medical in New York City to schedule your appointment. We offer interventional pain management and functional medicine for faster sports injury recovery.