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Closeup view of young woman having pain in back.

Back Sprains and Strains

The muscles, tendons and ligaments in the back are susceptible to injury and a common cause of back pain. Ligament sprains and muscle or tendon strains can limit mobility and result in acute pain. Most people have experienced temporary back pain from overexertion or accidents. When rest and OTC medication is not effective for back sprains or strains, medical treatment may be needed for relief. Ospina Medical offers treatment for back sprains and strains at our clinic in New York City.

Back sprains involve an injury to the ligaments attached to the facet joints, commonly occurring with a sudden twisting or impact to the back. Back sprains can occur during a fall or accident, injuring the ligaments that attach two or more vertebrae. Back strains can also occur from accidents or overexertion, stretching or overstressing muscles or tendons. Both can occur at the same time, or separately, resulting in localized pain, inflammation and mobility issues.

Treating Back Muscle, Tendon and Ligament Injuries

When back sprains and strains cause ongoing pain, treatment and therapy may be required to relieve back pain and improve mobility. Treating back muscle, tendon and ligament injuries can include physical therapy to strengthen the back and prevent further injury. Steroid or trigger point injections may be used to relieve pain, reducing knotted muscles or inflammation. Our pain specialists at Ospina Medical can create a personalized treatment plan to address back sprains and strains to relieve pain and improve mobility.

If you are experiencing severe back pain from a workplace, auto accident or sports injury, come visit our clinic in Manhattan. We utilize advanced treatments for back pain management to give our patients relief from back sprains and strains. Contact our clinic to schedule an exam and consultation to discuss treatment options for your back pain.