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Stressed, mature woman with hand on head looking down.

Tension Headaches

Most adults experience tension headaches on occasion. Tension headaches are described as a tight band of pain across the front, sides or back of the head. The head pain is usually dull, with a continuous ache. Tension headaches are common and typically dissipate quickly, but in some patients, can become a chronic condition. Our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical in New York City offer innovative treatments for relieving tension headaches.

The cause of tension headaches is not known, but stress and muscle contractions are triggers for this type of head pain. It is estimated that 80% of adults experience tension headaches to some extent, usually occasionally. When episodes of head pain become more frequent, once a day or every few days over several months, this can be a sign of chronic tension headaches. While less severe than migraines, tension headaches can still detract from one’s quality of life and impact your ability to perform at an optimal level.

Treatment Options for Chronic Head Pain

At Ospina Medical, we personalize our approach to treating chronic pain. Our pain specialists customize every treatment plan to the patient based on their symptoms, lifestyle, medical history and other factors. The type of treatment we may recommend for chronic or acute tension headaches may differ for each patient, but we prefer a conservative, non-invasive approach without using narcotics to control chronic pain. Treatments may include injection therapy and other options to mitigate pain and reduce tension headache episodes for our patients.

If you have experienced ongoing tension headaches and want to explore treatment options to give you relief, come see our team at Ospina Medical. Our physicians will actively listen to your concerns and work with you to find a treatment option to improve symptoms. Contact our clinic in Manhattan through our website or app, or call us directly to make an appointment.