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Closeup view of young woman having pain in back.

Thoracic Radiculopathy

When nerve roots in the thoracic spine are compressed, it can cause chronic pain in the mid back and torso. Thoracic radiculopathy, or compressed nerves in the mid back, can be caused by vertebrae fractures, bone spurs, spinal disc damage and other health problems. If you suffer from middle back pain caused by thoracic radiculopathy, our interventional pain specialists at Ospina Medical in NYC can offer treatment options for relief.

Thoracic radiculopathy is uncommon. But when it does occur, it can be easily misdiagnosed. The symptoms include mid back pain but also may cause abdomen and torso pain that resembles shingles and other disorders. Diabetes and thoracic spine issues cause compression on the nerve roots in the thoracic spine, resulting in localized and radiating pain, as well as other nerve-related problems like tingling, burning or numbness. Most thoracic radiculopathy will result in symptoms on one side of the mid back and torso.

Treating Mid Back Nerve Pain

With thoracic radiculopathy, it is important to have an accurate diagnosis on the source of symptoms. Treatment for radiculopathy in the mid spine is based on the cause of nerve irritation or compression. Epidural injections to relieve inflammation and kyphoplasty to repair vertebrae fractures are two possible options for treatment to relieve pressure on the nerves for pain and symptom relief. Our pain specialists can diagnose and treat mid back nerve pain, utilizing the most advanced medical options available.

If you have chronic middle back and torso pain, get relief from your symptoms with a visit to Ospina Medical. Our medical team offers patient-focused care and cutting-edge treatments for chronic pain. Contact our clinic in Manhattan to schedule an exam and consultation with one of our experienced interventional pain specialists. We can help you find back pain relief.