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Shirtless man keeping heavy barbell on his shoulders while weightlifting in gym.


Incredible advances in medicine and diagnostics have paved the way for improved pain management and treatment options. Our professional team at Ospina Medical utilizes cutting-edge medical technology and innovative treatments to give our patients pain relief, improved mobility and an enhanced quality of life. Our multidisciplinary approach to treatment for injuries, degenerative diseases and pain conditions offers the best options for improved health and wellness for our patients in New York City.

Every patient is unique and needs a customized approach to treating their condition. Our interventional pain specialists, sports medicine physicians and functional medicine experts can devise a treatment plan that addresses each patient’s specific health and wellness concerns. We use the latest technology for imaging and diagnostics to identify the source of pain or dysfunction. It is our goal to treat the source of pain with functional medicine and interventional procedures, while looking at options for improving healing and other therapy options.

Multidisciplinary Pain Management Physicians

Masking pain with opioids or other dangerous drugs does not improve health or wellness. Our medical team at Ospina Medical focuses on opioid-sparing methods for pain relief that can manage painful conditions without the risk of narcotics. We utilize a multidisciplinary pain management approach to give our patients relief from acute and chronic pain. Our treatment plans incorporate different techniques and methods to improve healing and target the source of pain or dysfunction to give our patients improved wellness. Our treatment modalities include:

For advanced options in pain management and injury treatment options in Midtown Manhattan, come see our team at Ospina Medical. Our multidisciplinary pain management and innovative treatments can help improve your quality of life. Contact our office in New York City to schedule your appointment and consultation.