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Woman holding her wrist pain from overuse smartphone.

Trigger Finger Treatment

Stenosis tenosynovitis, or trigger finger/thumb, is a condition that impacts the tendons that contract to bend the fingers. This condition can cause pain and functional issues in the fingers or thumb, most commonly the ring finger and thumb. Trigger finger treatment is available at Ospina Medical to relieve pain and improve the function of the fingers at our clinic in Manhattan.

Forceful use of the fingers to grip or pinch can cause trigger finger or trigger thumb. There are also health conditions that can contribute to stenosis tenosynovitis, including diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation and irritation of the flexor tendons in the hand and fingers can cause this condition, resulting in the following symptoms:

  • Popping or clicking sensation when bending the affected finger or thumb
  • Pain when straightening or bending the finger/thumb
  • Finger or thumb locking in a bent position
  • Stiffness or locking after periods of non-movement
  • A small lump at base of the affected digit

Trigger finger most commonly occurs after heavy use of the hand, not due to a single injury. Trigger finger can become chronic and require treatment for relief.

Restoring Function for Stenosis Tenosynovitis

Pain relief and restoring function can be accomplished with conservative trigger finger treatments to avoid surgery or more invasive options. Our team at Ospina Medical will explore the causes of trigger thumb or finger and recommend non-invasive treatment options for relief. Splinting, exercises and medications can be used to lessen pain and improve function. Some patients may respond well to steroid injections to relieve inflammation in the affected flexor tendons.

If you are experiencing ongoing symptoms of trigger finger/thumb, come see our pain specialists at Ospina Medical in NYC. We can create a treatment plan to relieve pain and restore hand function for our patients with stenosis tenosynovitis.