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Trigger Point Injections New York, NY

Trigger Point Injections

Myofascial and muscle pain can occur in muscle groups all over the body, often caused by knotted muscles called trigger points. These knots of tissue can create localized and referred pain, starting in one area and affecting nerves that signal pain in other spots of the body. To release the knotted muscles, trigger injections can be used as an interventional pain treatment. Our physicians at Ospina Medical use trigger point injections to give patients pain relief at our clinic in New York City.

Muscle strain and injury are common causes of trigger points. These knots in muscles irritate the fascia and nerves, creating tender local areas and radiating pain. Trigger points in the neck can radiate pain through the shoulder and arm or cause tension headaches; knotted muscles in the lower back can cause back and sciatic nerve pain. To deliver relief directly to the source of pain, our interventional pain doctors use trigger point injections to release tightness and inflammation in the muscle to promote healing.

Muscle and Myofascial Pain Relief

Trigger points can often be felt as a knot or lump in a muscle group that is tender. Our physicians use trigger point injections that contain local anesthetic and an anti-inflammatory steroid to relax the knotted muscle. The anesthetic agent can provide immediate pain relief that can last for several hours, and the steroid may take a few days to begin relieving inflammation and pain. Once the muscle relaxes, the localized and referred pain may be relieved.

Trigger point injections can be used to treat many types of pain that are caused by muscle knots. If you have neck or back pain with a tight or knotted muscle, you may benefit from trigger point injections. Visit our team at Ospina Medical in Midtown Manhattan to discuss treatment options for your muscle or myofascial pain.