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Senior man suffering from back pain.

Vertebral Compression Fracture Treatment

Each vertebra in the spine is under pressure, cushioned by spinal discs to help protect them from damage. Lost bone density from osteoporosis or shrinkage in the spinal discs with age can make the vertebrae more vulnerable to damage. Vertebral compression fractures are a common aging-related issue in the spine. When these fractures cause instability or result in back pain, treatment may be needed. Ospina Medical offers vertebral compression fracture treatment at our clinic in Midtown Manhattan to give relief from this condition.

Most spinal compression fractures occur in the middle or lower back. Impact injuries can cause these fractures, but most commonly, vertebrae fracture under pressure when they become weaker with age. The front portion of the vertebrae is the most likely area to fracture, collapsing and creating a wedge shape. The shortened vertebra can put pressure on nerve roots, causing pain. If several vertebrae collapse, the spine can change shape. This can result in lost height, curving of the spine and spine instability.

Options for Repairing Fractured Vertebrae

In some cases, fractured vertebrae do not need treatment if the spine is stable and the nerves or spinal cord is not affected. However, when the fractures interfere with nerves or impact spine function, repairing the spinal bones may be required. Our clinic offers vertebral compression fracture treatment, which can include kyphoplasty to strengthen and repair collapsed vertebrae. We also offer pain management options for nerve compression, including injection therapy and spinal stimulation.

If you experience spinal compression fractures that are causing pain or functional issues, come see our team at Ospina Medical. Our pain specialists can explore the best treatment options to give you back pain relief and improve your spine stability. Contact our clinic in NYC to schedule your appointment for a vertebrae compression fracture consultation.